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Snow Bunny Wax Melt

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Cute picture of a snow bunny
I think snow bunnies would love to imagine themself in an endless field of wildflowers where the air evokes the scent of white peonies, orange blossoms and geraniums dancing under a calm blue sky during long winter days. This is a very fresh and calming scent great for moments of relaxation during the cold nights of the winter.
Top Notes: Winter Lemon, Pink Pepper, Wildflowers, Peony
Middle Notes: Geranium, Orange Blossoms, Rose Maroc, Narcissus
Bottom Notes: Tuberose, Amber, Vetiver

This wax melt will transform any space into a sweet summer vacation place. Added safe cosmetic glitter for decoration.
Soy Wax, Fragrance, Cosmetic Glitter Flakes
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